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Team Albay Youth Organizations Inc. (TAYO Inc.) is a convergence of youth organizations in the province of Albay. Started in 2013, it was formerly known as UYO or the United Youth Organizations. In 2014, TAYO was recognized, thru Executive Order No. 2014-15 of the province of Albay as the official youth arm, carrying out projects for and by the youth. In 2016, it was accredited by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Community-based, non-government organization.

TAYO Inc. is a service provider to the community with the youth as its primary driving force. By involving the young people in social development, TAYO’s advocacies targets two goals – (1) facilitating services to the community and (2) capacitating the youth while involving them in service delivery to the community.

TAYO’s mandate is to increase awareness, involvement and commitment on several programs involving Disaster Risk Reduction and Environment, Health Development and Population Management, Environmental Conservation, Peace and Order, Education and Sports.

Youth Bureaus

The five youth bureaus is where the organizations revolve in terms of service delivery. These key areas are the identified variables that needs to be addressed in order to accelerate social development.

Health and Population

Peace and Order

Education Recreation and Sports

Disaster Risk Reduction and Environment

Livelihood and Employment

Programs & Services

Youth Responders’ Training

A training-workshop in a form of a filmed reality show where participants are being trained by professionals on how to respond in times of disaster. They are being immersed to activities and simulations that will equip them with skills like basic life support, disaster risk reduction and vulnerability management, hazard mapping, first aid and conducting psychosocial relief operations.

Psychosocial Relief Program

In response to the frequent calamities in the province, the Psychosocial Relief Operations are conducted to areas affected by disasters. With the help of its member-organizations, services and goods are delivered to the people to relieve stress and trauma caused by the catastrophe and at the same time, providing basic needs to replace those damaged by calamities.

U4U Training

An interactive seminar-cum workshop for adolescents designed to explain the physical and emotional changes happening to them. This aims to reduce the number of cases of unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and create a more physically and mentally healthy generation of youth.

Leadership Trainings and Youth Activities

Driven by the organization’s goal of creating more youth who are socially aware, involved and committed to their roles and responsibilities as citizens, the leadership training by TAYO Inc. is designed to fit the needs and nature of the organization. The trainings come along with lectures and discussions from experts and resource persons for different topics, activities, trainings and workshops from trained facilitators.

Jailbreak and Jail Visits

Under the advocacies in peace and order, TAYO conducts periodical visits to the residents in the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. This program connects and reunites the residents to their families and relatives. By providing means of communication like social media, skype or personal visits of family members. This also provides paralegal services to residents to fast-track their cases.

Add a Grandfriend

Bridging the generation gap between the youth and our elderly is one way of promoting learning through intergenerational relationships or what we call “friendship across generations”. Through this program, we make sure that our grand friends spend their key moments in life with other people and with the community. We want to highlight mentorship, awareness of the aging process and reaffirm caring for our senior citizens.

Adopt-a-kid: Kids’ Day-out

Adopt-A-Kid is the biggest celebration for children from all social classes in celebration of the yuletide season. Kid-participants ages 4-12 are sponsored by private establishments, NGO’s, individual sponsors and parents to celebrate on big Christmas party. Food, prizes, games and other activities are being pooled from partners and sponsors.

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